Why Nyame Dua Apartments?

With soaring house and land prices, apartments seem to be the future of real estate in Ghana. Nyame Dua Apartments give you an affordable alternative to traditional housing units. After all, if apartment living is good enough for cities like Tokyo, London, Los Angles, it can also be good for us.

We are building a residential community, which provides all the needed benefits a traditional house affords. Our integrated city is fitted with infrastructure and amenities that supply all residents with the basic necessities of everyday living. Homeowners/tenants now have the chance to live at a lower cost in our dwelling community without forgoing the luxuries of high-level homes.

"The cornerstone of safe, stable neighbourhoods is good housing."

Anthony Williams

Living in Nyame Dua

Living in our community opens up numerous opportunities to meet and interact with like-minded individuals and families, giving you a true sense of belonging among your neighbours. Nyame Dua Apartments also provides you with the perfect environment to raise your kids in a positive way. Residents are given the added benefit of a well-maintained community garden, akin to a private garden, which provides a great venue for community gatherings and other social events. A community supermarket and other amenities are also available to help make life easier. Living costs are reduced; as our units are more efficient and practical and a corporate body on site available to handle any of the buildings bigger issues that need repairs. With round the clock private security and electric fence, the safety of residents is of utmost importance. Apartments offers you priceless comfort and peace of mind at an affordable price.

"Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart."

Mathew Desmond

A Sound Investment

Compared to other types of investment, real estate involves a relatively favourable risk/reward profile. As the price of a building is known to increase exponentially over time, its market value becomes much more than the initial purchase cost. Investing in real estate, and in this case, an apartment at Nyame Dua, gives you a valuable asset that can be part of an overall strategy to establish wealth, and a great opportunity for life savings.

"Affordable housing brings stability, economic diversity and improves the physical quality of the neighbourhood."